About Us

At Little Tracks & Co we believe that experiences are the most significant gift you can give your children as part of their development. We have a strong passion for travel and adventure and believe it’s important for families to share this with each other. We aim to ensure that children are capturing the most of their adventures and that is why we crated the Travel Journal for Kids.

Imagine how much fun your kids will have filling out their travel journal with prompts to really trigger their imagination while learning about Australia.

Little Tracks & Co have come up with a way to encapsulate those memories and experiences of travelling Australia in time and be able to open the pages and relive them like they were yesterday's adventures. Not only that, but with our journal, gone are the days of "are we there yet", or "it's gone flat", as we have made the travel journal an entertaining book that also educates children and is specifically designed for Australian travel. 

Little Tracks & Co started when the founder Anna planned a trip around Australia, and the school requested the kids keep a journal. Unable to find any travel journals on the market that would cater for their style of travel, they developed their own with questions based on what the kids would need to cover and what they learnt along the way. We believe it's important for the kids' education and development to experience what Australia has to offer- keeping them preoccupied while documenting all their favourite memories at the same time and limiting screen time.

When you choose to collect experiences rather than things, you'll never run out of storage. 

If you want your children to remember a great adventure well into their adult years, the Kids Travel Journal from Little Tracks & Co is the perfect option. This travel diary features 240 colourful pages, compact size and is aimed at children aged 5-15 years. Containing just the right mixture of guidance and blank spaces to help the child organize his or her thoughts while offering plenty of room for creativity. The Little Tracks & Co travel journal includes sections for organising thoughts or drawing before, during and after the trip. 

So, what are you waiting for? We have nothing to lose and a world to see!!

Happy Travels!!!